With broad wings, Dekor Island takes flight with graceful 36” arched glass, which allows natural light to illuminate the
surface below. The expansive glass wings are complemented by reflective stainless steel and together are an eye catching
centerpiece for the kitchen. More than a pretty face, the Dekor Island features High-tech LCD controls which manage
multiple functions, including dual Halogen lighting, 3 speed blower, plus it automatically turns on under high heat
and even has a sensor that tells you when to clean your dishwasher-safe anodized aluminum mesh filters. The Dekor
Island features a telescopic chimney for up to 9’5” ceilings. Designed for standard ducted installation, but can also be
installed as a recirculating system using the Recirculating Kit, available as an accessory.

Touch Controls with LCD Display
Stainless Steel + Glass
  • DKI001MX36